Green Eyed Monster...

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Mon Jul 5 20:36:06 PDT 2004


Both bobcats and cougars can reflect yellow to green colors in their eyes
at night.


Guy L. Monty
Parksville, BC

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> Hello all,


> I was in Idaho over the Holiday, had an interesting thing to request some

> help with. I was in the woods at night looking for noctournal beasties,

> and came accross a pair of glowing green eyes from my flashlight. They

> were positioned on the other side of a very deep ravine, and did not move

> at all in the 20 min. period of time that I was looking at them.

> Unfortunately, I have no other helpful info, my leading guess was a

> Great-Horned Owl, but I was under the impression that they sent back RED

> eyeshine. Any suggestions, including non-avian possibilities?


> Chris Duke

> Bellingham, WA

> dukec at


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