Recent article on Alder Flycatcher songs

Mike Patterson celata at
Thu Jun 24 09:19:47 PDT 2004

Since Wayne has assigned homework from a journal one or
two of you may not subscribe to, I went ahead and dug
up the URL for the OnLine copy of the reference cited.
To get anything more than the abstract you need to be a
member, however.

Dr Lein's Website has sonograms and recordings available
to anyone, though some of the links don't seem to work.
The link to his main page is:

and two working flycatcher links:

I should also add that of all the technical journals related
to ornithology that are around, Journal of Field Ornithology
is probably the most consistantly useful and interesting for
the advanced layperson (though is does have math in it).

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
celata at

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