Book Recommendation Needed

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Mon Mar 22 14:26:42 PST 2004

The Great Blue Heron by Rob Butler of Canadian Wildlife Service, UBC
Press. I don't know if it was also published in the US.
Bruce Whittington
Ladysmith, BC
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On Monday, March 22, 2004, at 01:34 PM, tokajo3 at wrote:

> We moved to Port Ludlow from Idaho almost two years ago. We live on

> the water near a Heronry and I am wondering if someone can recommend a

> book on Heron, particularly the Great Blue Heron. I saw interesting

> behavior during winter 2003 and winter 2004. About 16-25 heron were

> riding the thermals over our cove almost like hawks. It was pretty

> interesting to see a large, somewhat ungainly bird like the heron in

> that type formation. They looked almost prehistoric. Is there a name

> for that behavior? I only saw it twice.


> Thanks in advance.


> Karen Jones

> Port Ludlow, WA

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