GC Kinglet fledgling?

variedthrush at comcast.net variedthrush at comcast.net
Mon May 3 17:13:30 PDT 2004

It's too early, according to my books, for a Kinglet fledgling to appear. However, into the birdbath yesterday came a Kinglet with not much between the black crown stripes but a touch of gold and a hint of orange. The little bird was opening it's mouth repeatedly (I was inside and couldn't hear) which caused me to notice what appeared to be a pale gape. My 20-year-old King Co. book says they don't nest until late May and into mid-July. However, I had a male in the yard 3/23 picking up tiny fluffy feathers as if to impress a mate, and we've had a pair in for baths once or twice a day for a week or more. (They came singly before that.) I'd be interested to hear further knowledge or opinions on this.

Patricia Lott

Seattle, WA
VariedThrush at comcast.net

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