Exotic Waterfowl

Laurie Moeck Laurie.Moeck at wwu.edu
Tue May 4 11:16:28 PDT 2004

My brother had been telling me about black swans he was seeing at a
local business park, but I kept missing them. Last night he said they
were there, and took me out to see them. I grabbed Sibley's as we left
(as my local books didn't say anything about black swans). On the way,
I found them listed as, big surprise "Black Swans". They are lovely
creatures - apparently a mated pair. They are banded, but free to come
and go, evidently, as this was the first time I'd seen them in three
trips. They're by the Sundance Meat company on Portal Road, outside of
Ferndale. The business park has a small rather sludgy pond, and last
night there were the two swans, a Canada Goose and two Mallard drakes.
Also present were robins in abundance.

Do feral exotic waterfowl count on a life list?

Laurie Moeck
Ferndale, WA

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