WDFW - Watchable Wildlife Decal

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I went to McLendon's hardware yesterday. The lady at the counter did not
know about the program either, so I had an opportunity to explain it (a
little birding PR), and when she entered my driver's licence # (I did not
have a problem giving to them last year) it popped up on the list of options
for purchase. She asked no further questions, as I am in the database, and
out of the printer popped the parking sticker. I will give the state a week
or so to send me the rest of the stuff, and if I don't get it in the mail by
then I'll give them a call.

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> Unfortunately, I went to a Fred Meyer (Aurora Ave. store in Shoreline) on

Monday and they didn't know anything about the program/decal even though
they sell hunting and fishing licenses. This is where I have always
purchased my parking permits (by whatever name they went by that year). :
( It's always tough to implement new programs, and even tougher when they
change every year and every governmental agency has their own.


> Bruce Jones

> Shoreline, WA



> > In case anyone else has been waiting to purchase a Watchable Wildlife

> > Decal (which includes the yellow peel-off permit required to park at

> > state-owned lands) via the Internet, I successfully did so today.

> >

> > If you'll recall a note from Rachel Lawson on 3/25/04, this program

> > replaces the Conservation Patron Donation.

> >

> > For $30, participants receive a decal, Vehicle Use Permit (VUP), a

> > removable/transportable hanger for displaying the VUP on a rearview

> > mirror, some educational materials, and a DFW periodical. The website

> > is: www.fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov. If you don't want to do this online, you

> > can do so by telephone (1-866-346-9453), or from any one of the more

> > than 560 authorized dealers selling hunting and fishing licenses

> > (http://wdfw.wa.gov/lic/vendors/vendors.htm).

> >

> > Aimed at wildlife watchers, this is a way for us birders to demonstrate

> > our numbers and show some of our economic benefit to at least the state

> > government and public. I, for one, look forward to seeing data re this

> > program in the department's routine reports.

> >

> > Please note, I was NOT asked for a social security number when I

> > ordered my decal online

> >

> > Georgia Conti

> > Seattle

> > Antep9 at aol.com

> >


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