Thanks for the Oregon coast and beyond suggestions!

MARK BILTZ vickibiltz at
Sun May 2 10:11:28 PDT 2004

I have had so many helpful suggestions, I simply cannot respond to all of
I will however, upon my return; compile the complete list, as where we had
time to stop, as well as what we saw, and any other information from other
birders, then post it.
Unfortunately we are only taking a day to drive the coast, and will try to
hit a few local spots early in the morning of our return.
Have had 30+ Evening Grosbeaks for almost a week now; and Wilson's Warbler
has decided to woo a female in my deciduous trees in the back yard. (it pays
to plant, they are now a wonderful size, and always full of birds, I almost
feel guilty having so many)
The Black Throated Gray Warblers and Yellow Rumps, as well as a few Purple
Finches and occasional Goldfinch have recently been hanging out. The pecking
order at my suet log is Pileated, Flicker, Hairy, Sapsucker, and Downy.
Its great to get to bird by looking out your window!!!
Vicki Biltz
Bonney Lake Wa.
vickibiltz at

Dear God, please help me be the kind of person my dog thinks I am!

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