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Thu May 6 11:39:23 PDT 2004

I'd also like to know the answer to this one.

The ONLY Virginia Rail I've ever seen walked right up to me while I was scoping white Ibis on Sportsman's Road in Galveston, Texas. He (she?) spent about 10 to 15 minutes walking around in the open, sometimes within 10 feet of me. Otherwise, a frustratingly secretive bird!

Likewise, as many of my birding friends will attest, I was beginning to think that the Sora was a myth until one spent over 20 minutes in open view, far away from any cover, within 20 feet of me, feeding in the shallows of Kingfisher Pond at San Pedro House in SE Arizona!

Why do I have to keep leaving the state to see all the brazen rails?


carenp <carenp at totalise.co.uk> wrote:
hello, tweeters...

could someone on the list answer an intriguing (to me, at least) question
regarding virginia rails?

until about four days ago, i'd been trying to get a glimpse of one (of
several in the park), and the best i'd managed was to actually see a beak
once or twice...

four days ago, a virginia rail was spotted along the western boardwalk in
full view of numerous folk, completely oblivious to the cameras and
screaming kids... for almost ten minutes, it looked like it was nesting in
the open, whereupon it quietly dove into the underbrush and disappeared...

this morning, another rail is spotted near the same corner (western stub
meets western boardwalk) and, while it wasn't nearly as blatant about being
"in the open", it afforded more than a few photo opportunities, and didn't
seem terribly secretive during the 20 minutes we watched...

is there something about spring that turns off the secretive parameter in
their behaviour?

as an example, about two weeks ago, i tracked one through a large portion of
the western boardwalk and never once saw it... there were places where i
would have sworn no bird could pass without being seen, but the distinctive
chirp would move lightning quick from spot A to spot B, through the spot of
"no place to hide" and never be seen... it did this for an hour before i
gave up (grin)...

and yet now, it's not just willing to be seen, but almost nonchalant...


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