Hummingbird-like Moth! ?

Kelly Mcallister mcallkrm at
Mon May 10 08:54:38 PDT 2004

I've seen several White-lined Sphinx Moths this spring, one on a bald, one on
a prairie and the most recent one was hanging on a Jasmine plant I purchased at
Lowe's in Lacey, Washington.

I've never seen one before and I've been doing lepidoptera surveys for several
years now so I would support the idea that they're unusually abundant this year.

Kelly McAllister
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Olympia, Washington
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> There is a group of moths called sphinx moths which are often

> mistaken for hummingbirds. There's even one called a hummingbird

> moth.


> The one you've descriped sounds like White-lined Sphinx Moth

> which is turning up at higher than average frequencies this

> year. See:



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