Western Tanagers!

Bruce Moorhead bruceb at olypen.com
Mon May 10 09:05:17 PDT 2004

We too saw a memorable contigent of six Western Tanagers (5 males & 1 female as far as we could tell) in the upper canopy of a lone cottonwood tree, while conducting our May 8 migratory count for the Oly. Pen. Aud. Soc., near the mouth of the Dungeness River--beautiful yellows and red-blush faces in the early morning light!

Bruce Moorhead
Port Angeles, WA
bruceb at olypen.com
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Subject: Western Tanagers!

At around 6:45 this partly sunny Sunday morning a flock of about a half dozen WESTERN TANAGERS made a rest stop in my back yard! What a beautiful sight to behold! They really stood out as they rested on the deep dark green ivy covered fence.

In a yard visited only by starlings, crows and house sparrows the Tanagers were a welcome surprise.

Lydia Bishop

Near South Lake Stevens, Everett, WA

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