Hybrid Sapsucker Photos?

Steve Shunk 3sisters at outlawnet.com
Thu May 13 01:50:35 PDT 2004

Greetings Pacific states birders,
I am currently writing an article for Birding magazine on Hybrid Sapsuckers
and I need your help. I need digital images of any range of sapsucker
hybrids to include with the story and would appreciate any submissions that
could be offered.

If you have slides or digital images you are willing to share (and possibly
have published), please send me small files (<100 kb) first so I can sort
them out. Once I select the images that I'd like to submit to Birding, I
will have those photographers send CDs to the magazine.

I will likely post the article with a wider collection of images at my web
site, so even those photos that don't make it into Birding will be helpful
in documenting this phenomenon for the birding community at large.

Thanks in advance,
Steve Shunk


Stephen Shunk
Paradise Birding

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541-408-1753 (cell)
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