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Mac Knight mac_knight at
Sun May 16 20:51:36 PDT 2004

We had our "Birdathon" yesterday, which was a first for my wife and me. We covered a large area between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., finding 91 species.

A Birdathon is not an ideal birding trip for a photographer, as we hurry along to try to find more species. But I did get a few quick pictures, including a house wren, a rock wren, a Lewis's woodpecker, and a song sparrow. You can see the pictures at:

We saw some wonderful birds, including a white-headed woodpecker in the Boise Cascade campground and some bushtits (unusual for eastern Washington) about .7 miles below the campground entrance. It was a fun day.

Mac Knight
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