Watchable Wildlife Decal makes the right statement

Robert Sundstrom ixoreus at
Wed May 19 20:27:57 PDT 2004


I purchased a Watchable Wildlife Decal today at the Washington Department of
Fish and Wildlife counter in the Natural Resources Building in Olympia.
This seems like an excellent idea for birders: having this handsome decal on
your car gives birders a chance to show their support for programs
specifically aimed at wildlife viewing. With the decal comes a permit good
for one year that you can hang from your rear view mirror when parked at
WDFW sites (Wildlife Areas) and a copy of the book "Washington Wildlife
Viewing Guide." A good expenditure of $30.

This is a very new program: even the WDFW office on the capitol campus has
only had the decals for two days. And it is the only permit they sell over
the counter now, as all fishing and hunting licenses must be purchased at
authorized outlets (usually sporting goods stores).

Just as an aside, my computer spelling check program does not recognize the
word "watchable." Webster's, however, tells me it is an adjective that
dates to 1954 and means "worth watching," not just view-able. Now I feel a
little better about this clunky word of recent vintage.

Bob Sundstrom
ixoreus at
Tenino, WA

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