crow hunting season

Judy Stone-Roth ravan at
Thu May 20 11:54:21 PDT 2004

Read in yesterday's Chinook Observer, that Washington F&W has
declared a open hunting season on the American Common Crow. The open
season will start in October of this year. First we all know the Crow
is common, yes they do predate nestling of all varieties, during their
youngsters rapid growth. It's the calcium they're after! A habit shared
with most raptors at this time of year! Secondly: the crow can easily
be mistaken for several different birds! We have Harrier Hawks and the
Common Raven, not to mention Swainson, Cooper and Merlin! Especially
with the Yahoos who populate this area. I realize farmer's are granted
permission to blast away at anything that might threatening to their
livelihood but what's this about?
In conclusion I suggest instead, an open season on roaming house cats.
According to Fish & Wildlife cats kill hundreds of millions of
songbirds a year! Hello! I'm getting an early start on this project!

Judy Stone-Roth
Ocean Park WA
ravan at

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