Crows having fun

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Sat May 22 10:55:59 PDT 2004

crows are not the only birds known to have fun...

a few years back, i was at deception pass, on the island between whidbey and
the mainland, when i spied what appeared to be a red-tailed hawk beating
wings against a stiff breeze, out towards the sound...

a few minutes later, i saw this same hawk come barreling down that same pass
in the opposite direction at what might have felt like twice the speed of
sound... as he passed the island, he wheeled and started the exertions back
out to open water...

he did this maybe four times while i watched... what i would have given at
that moment to have ridden with him/her on those trips...

00 caren

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A few years ago I was standing in the parking lot at work across the street
from a 12-story building. There were a flock of crows (about 10) playing in
the up and down air drafts along the side of the building. They would fly to
the top, dive off, ride the drafts down to the bottom and part way back up,
then repeat the process over and over. There was no point to this except
having a good time! Crows just like to have fun!

Regards, Joanne

Joanne Powell
Greenacres (Spokane Valley) WA
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