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Tue May 25 08:21:42 PDT 2004

Hi Gary. You only live once so, in my opinion, you should go for the gusto.

Swarovski 8.5 X 42 EL

You will never regret spending the few hundred dollars extra.

Daniel Bastaja
dan at

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Dear Tweeters,

I love my Swift 8.5 X 43 binoculars, nine years old
and still excellent, but am going to Costa Rica soon,
where it will rain some. The Swifts don't do well in

I am planning on buying a pair of waterproof,
fogproof binoculars, 8 power or thereabouts (I find I
am not steady enough for 10-power).

Would any Tweeters care to offer suggestions?

Assuming the Chancellor of the Exchequer (AKA my
wife) gives me the green light, I can purchase some
expensive ones. Even so, I understand that there are
some for less than a thousand dollars that are just as
good as some of the $1500 ones.

Looking forward to your suggestions,

Gary Bletsch

PS I saw a phalarope at the little pond east of Lyman
yesterday. Unfortunately, a cow scared it off before I
could study it well. I presume it was a Wilson's
Phalarope. It was gone today.


Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch

near Lyman (Skagit County), Washington

garybletsch at

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