WOS Birdbox for 5/16-5/25

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Tue May 25 09:59:15 PDT 2004

The Washington BirdBox is a voice mailbox sponsored by the Washington
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There have been two reports since Sunday, May 16.

Thursday 5/20 7:45am. John O’Connell. Yesterday May 19 in Monroe, approximately 4/10 of a mile south from the main entrance of the Washington State Reformatory, on the power lines adjacent to the road paralleling the river, a singing male LAZULI BUNTING.

Sunday 5/23 1:30pm. Hi this is Denny DeSilva with Seattle Audubon. I’m leading a field trip right now. We’re at Ham Creek where we had a WESTERN KINGBIRD on the north side of the Ham Creek restoration area. It’s along the fenceline with Delta Marine. The bird is highly visible; it’s feeding actively, and it’s about halfway along the fenceline, about 150 yards west of the mouth of Ham Creek. But it’s on the barbed wire fenceline.

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