Nisqually NWR 5/27/04

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Thu May 27 13:43:39 PDT 2004


Two other crazies & I did the Thursday morning walk at Nisqually today. It
rained pretty heavy the whole time. Thank God there was no wind! The ponds (or
what is left of them) really need the water so we didn't complain too much.

I guess the birds felt this weather was going to last for some time as they
were pretty much out and about. Nothing spectacular except for 3 AMERICAN
BITTERN flying around off the trail to McAllister Creek out past the ponds. Looked
like some kind of breeding behavior as they circled & wheeled. We also saw
lots of CEDAR WAXWINGS and BAND-TAILED PIGEONS in and around the elderberry.

We had a RIVER OTTER at McAllister Creek that acted like he wanted us to
leave so he could come ashore. He (she?) kept swimming back & forth watching us.
Wonder what we missed.

The only new bird for the year was a BREWER'S BLACKBIRD. Yeah, I know, I must
have been sleeping these past few weeks not to have seen them before now.
That brings the year total to 108. Today's count was 44 species.

Well, I'm off to Wenas, so until next Thursday at 8:15.....

Phil Kelley
Lacey, WA

"We were few and they were many, now we are many and they are few."

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