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Fri May 28 20:08:29 PDT 2004

I, too, have had good service at Anacortes Telescope.

Kristin Stewart
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> I feel I need to come to their defense as I received excellent service when

> I was in their shop. I tried several pairs of binoculars with the

> salesman's help. He answered all my questions and did not rush me to make a

> decision. After I decided on the KOWA's he attached the strap (no small

> job) and got them ready to use. He was friendly and courteous. I would go

> back there again if the need arose.


> Louise Fountain

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> >I remember going into Anacortes Telescope last fall with a birding

> >companion. We looked at scopes and other equipment in glass cases and

> waited

> >for someone to notice us. There were lots of salespeople there, but they

> all

> >seemed to be on telephones. After about 15 minutes we left, having been

> able

> >to speak to nobody. Probably the best way to contact them, according to my

> >experience, would be to use the telephone.

> >

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