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Believe that at one time someone in the Seattle area was keeping a log of 
Belted Kingfisher sightings.  Also remember that "winter" sightings of 
females in the Puget Sound area were rather unusual, so don't know whether 
or not my sighting this morning of a female Belted Kingfisher is normal or 
not.  This bird sat on the tallest pilling in the group between The Lobster 
Shop and Marine Park on Ruston Way in Tacoma for at least half an hour 
during the time I watched it.  Had a good profile and the burnt orange on 
the chest was prominent.  Then west of the Lobster Shop saw a Belted 
Kingfisher in flight but couldn't ID the sex.  Also on my return walk past 
the pilling where the female had been, there were three Belted Kingfishers 
flying together just above the surface of the water, the most that I've seen 
in that area at one time.

In the same time frame saw three Bonaparte's Gulls in the water just off the 
dock by the pillings and that is where I've seen one or two in the past. 
This is where last week I saw a Franklin's Gull in flight with about six Mew 
Gulls but haven't seen it since then.  They were flying together against a 
strong wind and no more than 20-30 feet away from the end of the dock so got 
a good look at it and from Sibley's determined that it was a Franklin's 
Gull.  After many years of having a casual interest in trying to identify 
birds I see on my walks, have finally started a birding class given by the 
Tahoma Audubon and mentioned this sighting to the instructor who said it was 
a "possible" but couldn't confirm it.  I walk that area quite often and 
haven't seen the Franklin's Gull since last weeks sighting.

Jim Brewster
BrewsHome at thewiredcity.net
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