[Tweeters] White-throated Sparrow at my Seattle feeder

freddiep at gmail.com freddiep at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 00:55:43 PST 2004


On Thursday, I had my first WHITE-THROATED SPARROW near my
feeder, eating seed I had thrown on the ground for my Juncos. I'm not sure
of how rare they are for Seattle, but it was a new bird for me in the
city and certainly in my backyard (44th and Phinney).  The bird is
still around, re-appears a few times per day.  Do other Seattle bird
feeding folks see many White-Throated Sparrows in Fall/Winter?  I'm

I've only recently begun feeding birds in the backyard, and looking
forward to attracting lots of new birds.  Any tips (esp. for Seattle)
are appreciated.

Happy Birding,
Fred Parent
Seattle (Fremont), WA
mail to:  fzp at pobox.com

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