[Tweeters] Yellow Warbler. Any records for Nov.?

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise wlafra at owt.com
Mon Nov 8 11:20:40 PST 2004

Though no where near Skagit, we have a record of a Yellow Warbler in our
yard on 11/23/97. All of our other records end by September.

Bill & Nancy


>Yesterday there was a Yellow Warbler on the south side of the bridge that

>goes to the west parking lot of the Skagit Wildlife Area. I know that

>there is one mid December record for Western Washington. The question then

>is, are there any records for Yellow Warbler in November? Thanks.


>Barry Levine


Bill & Nancy LaFramboise
wlafra at owt.com
Richland, WA

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