[Tweeters] Pine Grosbeaks at Dungeness

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Thu Nov 11 11:53:36 PST 2004

The Fall Bird class from the Dungeness River Audubon Center also saw 3
female-type Pine Grosbeaks at the Dungeness Recreation Area on 11/5.
They flew in with a group of about 60 Robins, sat a few minutes at the
top of a Doug Fir for good scope-looks, then moved on when the Robins
flew. Their call "cheeve-li?" as they landed gave us the hint that
there were more than Robins in the flock. Makes us wonder - how often
to PIGRs travel in Robin flocks?

We had one other report of Pine Grosbeaks in the lowlands near Joyce
this fall, so keep an eye and ear out - could it be a fall/winter for

Bob Boekelheide

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> Hello Tweets,


> Given some reports of Mountain Chickadees earlier in the week for the

> Hansville area of Kitsap County, I thought I would take advantage of

> the lovely weather this afternoon and see if I could locate some.

> Although I had no luck finding Mountain Chickadees, seeing another

> mountain species was my reward for my efforts.


> I drove along the neighborhood roads of Driftwood Keys listening and

> looking for chickadee flocks and sparrow flocks (it's a good place for

> sparrows) . Driftwood Keys is about a mile south of Twin Spits Road on

> Hood Canal Drive. On a road on the hillside above and to the east of

> Hood Canal Drive I heard and then spotted a beautiful bright male

> singing at the top of a fir tree. It then flew into a Madrona Tree

> where I could not re-find it until it flew out with two others. They

> flew into another Madrona Tree where I was able to scope a female

> feeding on berries. As they seem to keep moving to the South I am not

> sure that they will remain in the area but who knows.


> I had three Ancient Murrelets in the waters near the Hansville store.

> Vic Nelson reported to me a Pomarine Jaeger (I could not re-find) that

> he observed yesterday.

> So once again we have some pretty cool birds showing up over here in

> Kitsap County.


> Good Birding.


> Brad Waggoner

> Bainbridge Island, WA

> mailto:wagtail at sounddsl.com

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