[Tweeters] Cattle egret at Montlake Fill

Stuart MacKay smackay at flagstonesoftware.com
Sun Nov 14 14:11:27 PST 2004

While I regret having missed the Cattle Egret at The Fill - one of the all
time best birds to be seen there, IMHO. I am reconciled that the first
species added to the Yard List at our house is Lisbon was, you guessed it,
Cattle Egret !

They are everywhere in Portugal and are quite common here is Lisbon - mostly
on grassy areas on the outskirts of the city - the density of houses (and
cars) is a little too high to support oases like Montlake Fill within the
city limits.

Regards to all the Pacific NW,

Stuart MacKay, Lisbon, Portugal

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