Fw: [Tweeters] Bonneville Dam Ancient Murrelets

Wilson E Cady gorgebirds at juno.com
Sun Nov 14 22:30:34 PST 2004

        We searched from the catwalk accessed from the Washington side
Visitor's center without luck for the murrelets from 9 A.M. to 10:30.
Glad that Stefan saw them. If you are hungry for some great smoked salmon
you can purchase it at a reasonable price at the Native American fishing
camp above Bonneville Dam to munch on while you scan the waters for the
loon and murrelets.
        There still are three Greater White-fronted Geese with the
domestic geese in the Skamania County Fairground Park (Rock Creek Cove)
on the West side of Stevenson that allow close approach  for photos.

Wilson Cady
N45  35.618'   W122  13.738'
Washougal, Skamania County,  WA

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The 2 Ancient Murrelets were seen feeding close to the orange floats at
about 4pm from the northern visitor center parking lot on the WA side.
They spent most their time under water while I saw them.

Stefan Schlick

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