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b&p bell bellasoc at isomedia.com
Mon Nov 15 10:22:15 PST 2004

Hi Tweets

Let me second Bruce's comments on the "Tri-Pack". I have been using one 
for about twelve years now (shortly after David Yee introduced them) and 
they are great. I had gotten to the point that because I had a heavy 
scope/tripod combination I was reluctant to take it into the field (my 
shoulder or arm got tired of carrying it). Because the "Tri-Pack" 
spreads your weight over your shoulders like a back pack, it makes it 
really easy to move around in the field. I have found that you can get 
into and out of it very easily, and with the legs extended you can just 
swing it off your back and be set up to observe almost instaneously.

I agree with all the other comments, get the best tripod and head that 
you can afford. I have been using the same Bogen Manfrotto tripod now 
for about 15 years and it is still in good shape.

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville Wa
bellasoc at isomedia.com

Bruce Moorhead wrote:

> I totally agree with the comments of others about the utility of Bogen 
> Manfrotto tripods. I went through several cheaper tripods before 
> finally waking up to getting something better and more durable. Also, 
> because a decent tripod and scope setup can be rather awkward to 
> maneuver around and transport, I would recommend considering a little 
> backpack like the "Tri-Pack" (at www.aba.org 
> <http://www.aba.org>), which is specially designed for carrying a 
> scope-mounted-tripod. This gadget lets you more handily pick up an 
> awkward scope-mounted-tripod, swing it onto your back, and carry it 
> more easily to a nearby birding site or series of locations. You can 
> also transport a scope-mounted-tripod like this with the tripod legs 
> fully extended, if the terrain isn't too obstructive.
> Bruce Moorhead
> Port Angeles, WA
> bruceb at olypen.com <mailto:bruceb at olypen.com>
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