[Tweeters] North Kitsap County Pine Grosbeaks

Dougnpip at aol.com Dougnpip at aol.com
Fri Nov 26 13:53:25 PST 2004

           Spent most of the morning birding the North County from 
Point-No-Point north, and surrounding areas targeting Snow Buntings and/or Pine 
Grosbeaks.  I did luck on three Pine Grosbeaks which I located near the end of 
Foulweather Bluff Rd.  Just before you get to the end of Twin Spits Rd, turn rt onto 
Foulweather Bluff Rd (providing you are going north).  At the end there is a 
clearing of sorts on the right and the birds were in the maple/Hemlocks to the 
south.  I scoped a male, 1 female and a third which possibly was a young bird 
going into full adult plumage.  They were moving around a bit from tree to 
tree so no telling how long they will be there.  These are perhaps the same birds 
Brad Waggoner had near Driftwood Keys several weeks back. 
                        Good Birding,
                                  Doug Watkins

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