[Tweeters] Brown Pelicans in Olympia

Jason Paulios jpaulios at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 6 20:28:12 PDT 2004

Hello all, just a quick note to say that there are now 2 young BROWN
PELICANS in the downtown Olympia area.  Both were sitting on the pilings off
of Genoa's (formerly, now a burned out shell) at North Point between East
and West Bay.  One of the birds had the white throat and chest but the pouch
was turning yellow/orange so I believe this to be a different/new bird since
the other sightings were all of a bird with a dull brown/gray colored bill
and pouch.  Also here was one MEW GULL.  Yesterday this area had both a
juvenile COOPER'S HAWK and one of the remaining PEREGRINE FALCONS.

Earlier today I saw an adult GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE at the south end of
Capital Lake with some Canadas.  Also here was a juvenile GREEN HERON (also
yesterday), 1 R/N Duck, and a small group of A. Wigeon.  Yesterday I saw my
first RUDDY DUCK of the fall on the north end of the lake.

Jason Paulios
Jpaulios at earthlink.net
Olympia, WA

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