[Tweeters] Olympic Peninsula 10/4-10/13

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Thu Oct 14 17:35:45 PDT 2004

While working on the Olympic peninsula over the past ten day period from
Sekiu to Brinnon had a few interesting sightings to report. On 10/6 and 10/7
had 2 pure flocks of WHITE-FRONTED GEESE fly over one was west of Port
Angeles, near Lake Cresent. This flock was about 25 birds. On 10/7 a second
flock of about 30 birds was seen south of Port Angeles.
On the afternoon of the 11th we had a male WESTERN BLUEBIRD on a DNR road
around Lost Mountain, south of Sequim,
Finally and perhaps most interesting was yesterday morning on Jorsted Creek
Rd, in Mason Co. just south of Brinnon I had a calling CLARK'S NUTCRACKER at
about 1000' elev. Upon checking the county lists, it appears this is a first
county record?

Good birding.

Scott Downes
downess at charter.net
Yakima WA

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