[Tweeters] Interesting Sandpiper at Medina Park

Brent Beach brent_beach at telus.net
Fri Oct 15 12:01:07 PDT 2004


Very interesting. We had a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper yesterday in an
agricultural field north of Victoria. The bird was foraging in a newly
plowed field and in the ditch beside the field and was finding lots of worms.

It was a very approachable bird. It walked along a tractor path up to
within a few feet of us. It did not seem to have any fear of people at all.

Wonder if the Victoria bird has moved on?

Brent Beach
Victoria, B.C.

Kathy Andrich wrote:

> Hi Tweeters,


> About half an hour (7:15-7:30am) ago I saw an

> interesting sandpiper(!) at Medina Park.


> My guess: Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

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