[Tweeters] Greater Roadruner

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Mon Oct 18 12:16:34 PDT 2004

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco Bay Bird  
Observatory in Alviso, CA which is located near the south end of San Fran  Bay.  
The director asked me if I saw the Roadrunner near the parking lot of  the 
observatory.  Of course, I though she was joking as it is just a bit  unusual to 
see a Roadrunner a few feet from the Bay.  She said it had been  there for a 
couple weeks.  Sure enough, I walked out of her office and 20  feet away stood 
the Roadrunner.  Having never seen one before, I watched it  for about a half 
hour until I had to go to another appointment. Great  bird!
Bob Schultz
Woodinville, WA
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