[Tweeters] Breaker Lake, Pacific County - 10/20/2004

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Wed Oct 20 15:16:05 PDT 2004

Breaker Lake, Pacific County, Washington 
October 20, 2004

It was a very pleasant and sunny morning for doing a bird
survey.  The first RING-NECKED DUCKS of the season have 
returned.  A "black" MERLIN was in a tree just north of 
station 14.  Winter numbers of sparrows and kinglets were
noted as well.

In the "I've never seen that before" department.  A medium
size BANANA SLUG (_Ariolimax columbianus_) was dangling at
eye level from a 20cm string of mucus, apparently using it 
as a line for getting down from the tree it was in.

It looks like there's been regular vehicle traffic into the
main property, presumably duck hunters.

Birds seen (in taxonomic order):

Great Blue Heron                    1
Canada Goose                       20
Mallard                             2
Ring-necked Duck                    3
Merlin                              1 [1] 
Virginia Rail                       2
Unidentified gull                   2
Band-tailed Pigeon                 14
Downy Woodpecker                    1
Northern Flicker                    3
Hutton's Vireo                      1
Steller's Jay                       9
American Crow                       7
Common Raven                        1
Black-capped Chickadee             12
Chestnut-backed Chickadee           7
Red-breasted Nuthatch               1
Bewick's Wren                       2
Winter Wren                        26
Marsh Wren                          9
Golden-crowned Kinglet             36
Ruby-crowned Kinglet                5
Hermit Thrush                       1
American Robin                     10
Varied Thrush                       1
European Starling                  23
Cedar Waxwing                       6
Townsend's Warbler                  1
Spotted Towhee                      1
Fox Sparrow                        30
Song Sparrow                       23
Dark-eyed Junco                     3
Red-winged Blackbird                6
Purple Finch                        1
House Finch                         1
Red Crossbill                      14
House Sparrow                       1


[1]  black phase

Total number of species seen: 37

This census is conducted on properties owned and managed by
the Columbia Land Trust.  At this time access is limited to
authorized individuals.

Mike Patterson               
Astoria, OR                    
celata at pacifier.com  
Common species are more common than rare species
					    --- Dennis Paulson in
						     _Shorebirds of the PNW_

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