[Tweeters] Sharp-shin invasion

Dennis Paulson nettasmith at comcast.net
Sat Oct 23 10:24:35 PDT 2004

Hello, tweeters.

I'm sitting here looking out my back window into the Thornton Creek
ravine, and there are three adult female Sharp-shinned Hawks in the
leafless maples, within about 20 feet of one another. They fly out in
sorties, then return to the tree. I've never seen anything quite like
this in a dozen years of watching the sharp-shins every fall. A little
while ago, they and the crows were having at it, with assorted flickers
and jays thrown in. But now they are perched in the trees like a gang
of toughs that have taken over the neighborhood. They really behave
like a group, as when one flies out it will return within a minute or
so and perch right near the others.


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