[Tweeters] Mt Quail near Elma (Grays Hbr co)+Mt Chk in W Oly(10/23): yes; tall grebes: no

Alan Richards & Ann Musche' mrm at willapabay.org
Sat Oct 23 17:10:38 PDT 2004

Greetings All,

I heard at least three Mt Quail in the area of A-2300 road, today (10/23) 
north of Elma, also as noted by Tim O'Brien (10/20), location described in 
Tweeters & his fine WA Birder article (Fall 2004, Vol 12, No. 3).
If you go to this area, it is good idea (IMHO) to wear some orange 
clothing; hunters were many today.

The great weather (calm, cool, beautiful sunrise; recalling 'red in the 
morning, sailor / birder take warning) encouraged me to go west some more, 
to Keith Brady's Olympia neighborhood (as described by Gary Wiles, 10/21) 
in search of a Thurston co Mt Chickadee.  My quest lasted almost an hour 
and a half.  Finally after more than an hour of patient prowling the three 
blocks or so on Jackson and B--h Aves., I was talking to one of the 
neighbors on that street, who has some of the feeders these chickadees are 
working over (many chks with black sunflower seeds in beaks; the subtle 
sign of non-native plant availability in the area).  Even tho I did not see 
the Mt Chk at her feeders, talking with this helpful neighbor apparently 
broke the jinx:  the sub-squadron of Black-capped Chickadees all streamed 
past me, (many Ch-backed Chks also in this general area) including the Mt 
Chickadee I had been hearing from time to time, afforded brief conclusive 
looks, and I left for Capitol Lake.  Public parking and restroom available 
at nearby Sunrise Park, intersection of B--h & Bing Avenues.

I headed E on Harrison Ave.  This main street heads straight E., downhill; 
take the 5th Ave bridge at the traffic circle, and park at Simmons street 
lot, north end of Capitol Lake.  My luck did not hold regarding grebes: I 
saw none of any type of  Aechmophorus grebes.  I headed for the Blue Heron 
Bakery and westward home.

Sure enough, the warning presented at sunrise was followed (especially once 
I returned to Pacific county) by strong rain, and even hail.  Good weather 
for sitting at home and updating my bird notes and reading some bird 
books.   There's probably something else I could be doing - - I'm sure it 
will come to me later on.

Alan Richards / Naselle WA 98638 / USA

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