[Tweeters] Rock Sandpipers Ft Flagler SP

Bob Norton norton36 at olypen.com
Sat Oct 23 22:50:35 PDT 2004

    Judy Mullally and I saw at least two ROCK SANDPIPERS on the spit at Ft. 
Flagler on a rising tide. The first shorebird we saw was a lone one working 
the kelp on the outer beach. It turned out to be a ROCK and worked it's way 
east past us within about 15 feet. We continued down the spit towards Rat 
Island and there were shorebirds on the tip being put up by a pair of 
beachcombers. They flew back after the walkers left and there were two ROCKS 
in the group along with much larger #'s of BBPl, DUNLIN and SANDERLINGS. 
Later at high tide we had large #"s of the previous three on the old 
railraod trestle opposite the Port Townsend Marina and just south of the 
Port Townsend Marina. We could not find any ROCKS with them but could not 
see them all due their being bunched up with heads tucked back. This last 
site is just opposite the Spit on Fort Flagler and could well be where the 
local shorebirds go at high tide.
    We saw quite a few WESTERN GREBE types off Oak Bay in the morning but 
due to the distance and the sun being in out eyes we could not get a good 
look. When we returned in early afternoon with better light and tide, there 
were no Western type grebes. Diane Mulholland has had the best luck when 
they come in close at high tide. Diane has not seen the Clark's for several 
    Another good sighting for this time of the year and Clallam were five 
MARBLED GODWITS at Blyn at low tide in the AM viewed from the Blyn Rest 
Bob Norton
norton36 at olypen.com
Joyce (near Port Angeles), WA 

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