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Tue Oct 26 11:38:33 PDT 2004

This is a situation that I was not involved with, but I thought a number of 
people would find it interesting.  Some time during the second week of October, 
I think, Jim Acton of Spokane was called out to the Davenport area to check 
out some snapshots of an owl that had crashed into a farmhouse window.  
Apparently the collision occurred in the very early morning and the owl sat stunned 
for about a half hour, posing for pictures.  Then it regained its senses and 
took off.  Although it was hard to believe, the people who took the shots said 
it looked like a Boreal Owl. 

The pictures showed that it was indeed a Boreal Owl.  One or more have been 
sent off to bird records people.  I haven't seen one.  The house is south of US 
2 between Davenport and Reardan, an area many birders know from cruising for 
Snowy Owls and other good winter birds.  It is open wheat country, 15 miles or 
so from the Columbia and Spokane Rivers and the mountains on the other side.  
Boreal Owl habitat is 60 miles or so to the north.  In the Northwest, an 
individual showing up so far from its home habitat is not completely unprecedented 
but very very rare.

Mark Houston
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