[Tweeters] Perch Point and beyond

Doug Schonewald dschone8 at donobi.net
Sun Oct 31 15:12:25 PST 2004

Hi Tweets,

This morning I went for a short bird trip to Perch Point on Potholes
Reservoir. After birding the immediate Perch Point area, I chose to drive
and walk along the cobble/gravel/sand beach that extends several miles to
the north.
From Perch Point I went to Potholes State Park and birded the park area.
Passerines were there in good numbers, but the birding was extremely
difficult due to the high winds.
Several highlights were observed during the blustery and cold morning.

Perch Point (immediate area):

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER - 2 (this is the latest that I have seen these inland)
SNOW BUNTING - 3 (earliest this far south)

Perch Point (cobble/sand/gravel to the north):

Dunlin - 2
Bonaparte's Gull - 25 approximately (it was hard to tell due to their
behavior) working the heavy waves as they crashed on the beach.

Potholes State Park:

Mountain Chickadee - 5
Red-breasted Nuthatch - 7
Brown Creeper - 4
Varied Thrush - 3
Merlin - 1 (flythrough)
Dark-eyed Junco (slate-colored) - 2
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle race) - 1


Doug Schonewald
Moses Lake, WA
dschone8 at donobi.net

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