[Tweeters] Leucistic Fox Sparrow

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Sat Sep 25 15:07:25 PDT 2004


Saturday, Sept. 25, I did a solo birding walk-about at Tolt/McDonald Park in
Carnation. At one point, three Fox Sparrows responded to my pishing but one
was conspicuous. Its leucistic features include alternating bands of white and
brown on the upper tail, whitish breast with the usual brown chevrons, white
undertail, a white band across the back of the neck. A lovely bird. I didn't
have a camera. This Fox Sparrow is quite different from the leucistic Fox
Sparrow I photographed in early January 2004 at Lake Samammish State Park.

Continue walking straight ahead on the path after walking off the suspension
bridge from the parking lot. The leucistic bird was in the deciduous brush
and trees that are encircled by the path.

Joyce Meyer
Woodinville, WA

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