[Tweeters] Ocean Shores 9/25

Paul Hicks PHicks at accessgrace.org
Sat Sep 25 19:41:45 PDT 2004


Saturday, Sept 25 I birded Ocean Shores, 8:45-2:00. Thanks to those who have posted recently for the good ideas where to check on a limited schedule--my first chance this fall, which has been killing me. Some highlights and mediumlights:

JETTY (8:45-9:45)

>> W Tattler (4)

>> Surfbird (2)

>> Black Turnstone (20)

>> Am Pipit (14?)

GAME RANGE (10-11:30)

>> Ruff (1)

>> Am. Golden Plover (1, ID-ed by Gary Frederick)

>> Pectoral Sandpiper (30+, very tame)

>> L-b Dowitcher (3)

>> Gr Yellowlegs (3)

>> Great Egret (2, 4 total in Ocean Shores area, a personal high count)

>> Many pipits & several larkspurs

DAMON POINT (to the tip) (12:15-2:00)

>> Pac G-Plover (5, or possibly 1 Am G-P; one striking individual with fine gold (almost green tinged in certain light, including in flight) and black flecking in crown, gold spots on back. Located at the far end of the "pond.")

>> L Longspur (5, allowing close approach, far end of pond)

>> L-b Dowitcher (8)

>> Horned Lark (1)

Of interest was a bright male YELLOW WARBLER in the bushes opposite the squatty cement water reservoir along Marine Drive near the base of Damon Pt.

No terns, low numbers of peeps.

Good birding!

Paul Hicks
phicks AT accessgrace.org

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