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Larry Schwitters lpatters at ix.netcom.com
Fri Apr 1 10:57:28 PST 2005


I was out the door around 5:30 this morning leaving the wife the short note,
"went duck hunting".

I kept after the Teal until almost 9:30.  Our Asian guest never showed.

I'm assuming that Cameron's location is half a mile west rather than east on

Larry Schwitters

Jessie Barry wrote:

> A message from Cameron Cox:
> Greetings.
> Today I relocated the Baikal Teal in the Kent Valley.  The bird is several
> miles south of its previous location at Kent Ponds.  Today it was near the
> intersection of West Valley Highway and 277th.  The teal was half a mile
> east on 277, next to the Smith Brothers Farm, in a flooded field on the
> north side of the road.  There is a small bridge that goes over a creek.  I
> was parked on the shoulder on the east side of this bridge.  Unfortunately,
> this is a busy road with high speed traffic.  Birders should be very careful
> at this location, as this is a terrible location for birders to gather.
> When I first saw the teal, it was in the middle of a group of six male
> Green-winged Teal.  All these birds, including the Baikal where engaging in
> a head throw back display.  The Baikal’s display was like the male
> Green-winged, but slower and somewhat clumsier.  However, the Baikal is just
> stunning.  I watched the bird for fifteen minutes, until it disappeared in
> the grasses.  I stayed for ten more minutes, but didn’t see the teal again.
> Also note, that ducks from this location can sometimes been seen at a pond
> on the left side of the road at 285th street.  When was the last time this
> bird was seen at Kent Ponds?  Good luck.
> Cameron Cox
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