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Glenn glenn.hansen at usa.net
Fri Apr 1 16:36:53 PST 2005

This is an April Fools joke, right??

You really aren't this................tell me it's a joke, right? 

Glenn Hansen
Tacoma, WA

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> Dear Tweeters,
>  I would say that the best owling equipment consists
> of a good pair of ears. The second most important item
> is a set of clothes and shoes that make as little
> noise
> as possible. That goes for the clothes and shoes of
> the other people in the group, too.
> Most of the time, I just walk slowly and silently at
> night, and every few seconds I imitate the owls' calls
> with whistles or vocal hoots. I have not noticed much
> difference between recordings and man-made sounds, at
> least not for most the owl species around here. By
> making the sounds myself, I don't have to deal with as
> much equipment. This method has the same feel as
> trolling for fish, with the same slow-moving rhythm,
> the same long periods with no luck, and the same
> exhiliration of a "strike" when an owl answers.
> I always start with the smaller species and work my
> way up, on the theory that the call of a big owl might
> scare off one of the little species.
>  I must admit that I do use a flashlight if the owl I
> am looking for would be a life bird, since I don't
> tick lifers sans look-see. The light I use is just a
> regular camping flashlight, the kind with the big,
> rectangular-prism shaped battery with two poles on the
> top. I try not to turn the thing on very often,
> though.
> Personally, I find the idea of piercing the darkness
> of the night with powerful lights rather contrary to
> the whole aesthetic of birding, or of owling. I might
> carry a light, in case I need to make myself visible
> to oncoming vehicles on a dark road at night. I might
> use it to look at things once in a while, but I don't
> often go around shining lights into the trees. I
> prefer to sneak around in the darkness, try to make as
> little noise as possible, and just try to hear one of
> these
> wonderful birds.
> Yours truly,
> Gary Bletsch
> near Lyman (Skagit County), Washington
> garybletsch at yahoo.com
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