[Tweeters] Deception pass auklets

Ali Chaney achaney at heritage.nv.gov
Mon Apr 18 10:07:44 PDT 2005

Thanks all, for your responses to my auklet inquiry.  I guess I should have
been a little more clear in my ramblings.  We did see rhinoceros auklet,
with clearly defined double white plumes on its face.  There were quite a
few of these around.  However, it definitely wasn't the same as my little
mystery bird.  I recall an all black bird, bulbous bright orange bill
slightly upturned with a single white eyeline (plume?). Having looked at the
tufted puffin in the book, I don't recall any white on its face and the bill
didn't seem to be as large as a puffins bill.  I might just have to write
this one off, or head up to Alaska to get my eyes on a 'real' parakeet
auklet.  But, I certainly appreciate your responses.  

Ali Chaney
Reno, NV

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