[Tweeters] Cougar Mtn area BTYW (King Co)

Michael & Janka Hobbs MJCT_Hobbs at email.msn.com
Wed Apr 20 22:00:16 PDT 2005

Tweets - this afternoon, my wife took me to a site in the Cougar Mountain
area of SE Bellevue that is slated for development. She salvages plants
from such sites for the Washington Native Plant Society, with the permission
of the land owners. This one was off of 164th Ave., just a bit north of
Lakemont Blvd. It's a very nice slope, of which about 5 acres near the road
will be developed soon. There are lots of big-leaf maples and red alder,
and a few hemlocks, firs, and cedars. The undergrowth is very rich.

Upon arriving, we flushed a PILEATED WOODPECKER. There are many snags in
the plot, most marked with the rectangular holes chopped by Pileateds.

The next bird I managed to see was a singing male BLACK-THROATED GRAY
WARBLER moving about high in the canopy.

Other birds encountered included a male ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD, a female RUFOUS
HUMMINGBIRD, a pair of CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEES excavating a hole, and a
pair of COOPER'S HAWKS calling to each other. One was eating a bird (I hope
not the Black-throated Gray; more likely a Black-capped Chickadee or a
Dark-eyed Junco)

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== Kirkland, WA
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