[Tweeters] New to Tweeters -- White Junco Pictures

D.S. Wood maknati at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 22 13:50:31 PDT 2005


I am new to Tweeters this week. I am posting two photo's of a bird I took
last September in my yard in Port Angeles, WA. My husband and I think it is
a variant of an Dark-eyed Junco. As you can see it is similar in size, with
the eye, beak and legs the same color of a Oregon Junco along with the
feathers on the wings and tail similar in color. It stayed around for about
three weeks with a flock of Juncos and then left. We saw it fleetingly
throughout the fall flying with a group of siskin's. We thought it was
being targeted by a Sharpie during the fall and might have ended up as
dinner sometime later. We haven't seen it at all this spring. Any one have
anything to add or maybe another ID that we didn't think of. We looked at
all of the other birds that it may have been, Snow and McKay's buntings and
crosses, but it didn't seem to fit the size or color caatagories.

Dee Wood

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