[Tweeters] Brady Loop Rd

Ryan Shaw rtshaw80 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 23 15:11:35 PDT 2005

With today's Westport Pelagic turned around just outside the Gray's Harbor
bar this morning due to incliment conditions (lots of wind and surf), our
car pool of Gene Revelas, Bruce LaBar, Bill Shelmerdine, Scott Mills and
myself decided to take a detour home via Brady Loop Road and Wenzel Slough

Although not armed with a scope since we didn't plan on getting much use out
of one with the pelagic a go, we still got some great look at all the
shorebirds that were abundant throughout the area. We were happy to get
great looks at an AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVERintermingling with a flock of 40+
Black-bellied Plovers. Also seen of interest was a SOLITARY SANDPIPER
hanging out solitarily in one of the ponds along Brady Loop Road. Many
Dunlin, Least Sands, LB Dowitchers, Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, a
Peregrine Falcon, Merlin and Kestrel all showed well.

Golden-crowned Sparrows were particularly abundant as were hundred of
Band-tailed Pigeons. Other passerines of interest were several newly
arrived and singing Wilson's Warblers.

Good Birding,

Ryan Shaw
Lakewood, WA
rtshaw80 at hotmail.com

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