[Tweeters] Red Song Sparrow

Joy Markgraf joymarkgraf at gorge.net
Sun Apr 24 20:05:08 PDT 2005

Hi Tweeters;

Having spent the entire day happily photographing birds, butterflies 
and wild flowers I now have several questions and a few observations to 
share with you.

1. One of my bird photographs of the day is of a bird that looks just 
like a Song Sparrow but it is a beautiful red color. Sibley's guide 
calls it a SW variation. I also noticed hearing a very different 
version of the Song Sparrow's song. Do you suppose this bird has 
migrated farther north this year like the Painted Lady butterfly? 
(anyone that wants a look at the photo let me know)

2. I also have a photo of what may be an Orange-crowned Warbler. Not 
certain on this ID  (photo )

3. An observation- I found a sick Pine Sisken today but it has been 
several months (since after the snow melted) that I have fed any birds 
(abundance of native seeds) so I'm thinking some of the sickness is 
simply natural.

4. It has been great fun seeing and hearing how birds are using human 
made objects to get powerful drumming sounds. One flicker in our area 
uses the peek of a huge barn, with a metal roof, to deafen all the 
local birds (and humans). Also one Red-breasted sapsucker has learned 
to tap on the top wire of sheep fencing that vibrates against a fence 
post to get everyones attention.

Joy Stickney-Markgraf
White Salmon area
email joymarkgraf at gorge.net

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