[Tweeters] BANDING REPORT: Neawanna Wetland - 4/28/2005

Mike Patterson celata at pacifier.com
Thu Apr 28 12:44:59 PDT 2005

BANDING REPORT- Neawanna Wetland Preserve

Method: Up to eight 9m mist nets are placed in mixed Oregon
Crabapple/Twinberry/Spruce along the the upper Neawanna River,
Seaside, Clatsop Co. OR.  Captured birds are measured, ringed 
with USBBL numbered metal bands and released.  Data on time of
capture and side of net captured are also recorded to gain
an understanding of movements through the area.

2005                    	04/28
Neawanna                	118
Hours                   	4
Nets                    	7
Net*hours               	28
 Rufous Hummingbird           RUHU	1
 Orange-crowned Warbler       OCWA	18
 Macgillivray's Warbler       MGVW	1
 Wilson's Warbler             WIWA	4
 Hermit Thrush                HETH	1
 Golden-crowned Sparrow       GCSP	1
 Purple Finch                 PUFI	3
new captures                      	29
total captures                    	29
diversity                         	7
birds/(net*hour)                  	1.0
diversity/(net*hour)              	0.25

Notes:We had a pretty obvious migrant day today mostly ORANGE-CROWNED
WARBLERS several of which were _orestera_ type.  At least 300 GREATER
WHITE-FRONTED GEESE went of the station in two flocks.  We also heard
a large woodpecker which up until today I would have assumed was a


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