[Tweeters] Ivory-bill

Jeff Kozma jkozma at charter.net
Thu Apr 28 20:58:31 PDT 2005

When I heard about it the IBWO, I just about cried. The emotion of knowing that this once assumed extinct bird has been found again, in the U.S. even, is just too much. I never have to see it (although I can't wait to see the video), just knowing that it has survived, and hopefully continue to do so, is enough for me. Hopefully all the others in the birding community will be sensitive and not go trying to look for it. It will just give a bad name to the term "birder". I don't want that to happen. Give the bird its space and let the biologists do their job and assess the population and protect the habitat. That will do more than "checking it off the life list".

Jeff Kozma

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