[Tweeters] OFO Annual Meeting - LaGrande - address change for mailing registrations.

Judy Meredith jmeredit at bendnet.com
Fri Aug 5 08:12:43 PDT 2005


Re: OFO Annual Meeting in LaGrande August 18 - 21.
If you plan to attend but do not want meals or lodging at EOU, you
can register at the meeting. If you want meals or lodging, you have
to get the registration in the mail by Tuesday, August 9th. We won't
be able to guarantee meals for anyone who registers later. Non
members are welcome. If you did not receive a registration packet,
it can be found on the OFO Website at www.oregonbirds.org.

that the deadline has passed. Send now to:
Judy Meredith
63460 Bridle Lane
Bend, Oregon, 97701

For questions or additional information,
Judy Meredith - 541-389-4039 - jmeredit at bendnet.com
or Dave Tracy - 541-318-8998 - davect at bendnet.com

See you at the meeting
Judy Meredith
jmeredit at bendnet.com

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