[Tweeters] A few weekend highlights mostly from Okanogan County

Ned McGarry ned.mcgarry at verizon.net
Tue Aug 9 16:10:53 PDT 2005

Pasayten Wilderness -Sunny Pass / Horseshoe Basin - (8/6/05)  -- Opperman 
PRAIRIE FALCON seen on three occasions (perhaps same bird).  Seen 
skirmishing with N. HARRIER at one point.

6-7 AMERICAN KESTREL around Louden Lake, the northernmost point of our hike. 
Quite a few seen all at once.

Many MOUNTAIN CHICKADEES . . . unfortunately for my life list, none turned 
out to be Boreal.  I guess they were all 20 miles south around Roger Lake 
entertaining Stefan and Mike.

Very cooperative female SPRUCE GROUSE just off the trail on the way back to 
the FR-500 trail head.  A male seen further along as well, but he didn't 
stick around for pictures or autographs.

A few THREE-TOED WOODPECKERS seen along the trail.

FR-3230 Highland Sno Park (8/6/05) -- Opperman p.456
GREAT GRAY OWL -- *two* birds seen together at dusk on the northern edge of 
the first woods you come to off of Tonasket-Havillah Rd.  I also has success 
here back on June 25th in the clearing just further south.  What a fantastic 
bird.  Seeing two at once was double the fun.  A GREAT HORNED OWL was on the 
telephone pole nearby on Tonasket-Havillah Rd.  (a repeat appearance from 
June 25th as well)

FR-5400 down from Hart's Pass (8/8/05 ) -- Opperman p.433
THREE-TOED WOODPECKER -- Mother and mature fledgling following up a tree 
trunk north of burn, pecking away, being fed.  Nice scene.

Female SPRUCE GROUSE along road with 6-7 chicks.  After I settled in, I 
practically had them foraging all around me . . . almost running across my 

Ferry County

Spent the night on 8/6 on Bangs Mountain Road FR-136 -- Opperman p. 469.
Very quiet.  No owls responded to recordings, though my non-birder buddy 
said he woke up to a "strange creepy squeal" that was probably a Northern 
Saw-whet Owl.  On the way down in the morning, spied a HERMIT THRUSH. 
Things sure are quiet now compared to late June when the Swainson's / Hermit 
Thrush / Veery were all singing up a storm in their various habitats.

Amazon Creek March (8/7/05) -- Opperman p.478
Three or four NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH heard after I played their song.  It was 
like hearing an echo of the Stoke's CD track.


Ned McGarry

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